About Me

40-something, late-diagnosed autistic (Asperger’s) female, living in Portland, Oregon. I am married to a wonderful man who is my better half in all the ways I need him to be, but that he rarely appreciates in himself.

She/her pronouns, pantheistic, deep-thinking, draw-er of connections, observer and lover of humanity, supporter of all the proverbial “little guys,” trauma-informed survivor, temporary inhabitant of Earth, third planet from our sun, Milky Way galaxy.

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NOTE: The following statements are copied, verbatim, from autographs found in my 8th grade yearbook.

What People Say

At first I thought you were weird – you know, with your purple lipstick and fruity necklaces and all – but now I know that you’re a great person!

Long time friend, VN

God made rivers, God made lakes, God made [my name], well, everyone makes mistakes.

A random PK acquaintance

You always want more problems in math.

Popular jock acquaintance

Let’s build something together