What grocery store managers/owners should do now… AKA What I would do if I ran a grocery store.

Mark all WIC grocery items (at least, possibly more) priced at cost and make those prices a “suggested donation.”

Raise all other prices for non-WIC items by 10-15%. Raise alcohol prices by at least 30%. Consider it a surcharge.

Ring up the items for each customer and allow them to pay any amount above or below the suggested donation. Customers should be encouraged to add a percentage of the total bill to pay into the fund of they are able. (Use this as an opportunity to get to know who is in trouble and who can help.)

Daily/weekly/whatever, ensure company can continue with donations and surcharges. Sustainability is the goal. This can be done at an individual location or, for larger businesses, across locations.

ALL EXTRA $$$, above and beyond what is needed to cover groceries for those in need is donated to staff in the form of a weekly bonus payment, in addition to their normal paycheck. Hazard pay.

ADVERTISE THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR ACTIVITY!!! Showing that you are able to “stay in business” while taking care of the community will gain you tons of press and goodwill. Your store will be on TikTok! When all goes back to “normal,” it is entirely possible the extra customers you gain through this endeavor will allow you to continue the project into the future.

PAY IT FORWARD, FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT! Now is the time to get creative and build a sustainable system for the future. If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem and you will eventually be left behind.

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