Shorts #1

Change is inevitable. When abrupt, existential change disrupts your life, it is a reminder not to get too comfortable. Life is too short.

All the things you are missing in the lockdown, that you currently cannot do, are forms of privilege, things you took for granted and may have not appreciated when you had them. They are not vital to your existence; you still exist.

Just being is enough for this time. Reevaluate if you can. Think about needs vs desires and focus on what happens next for you when the curtain is lifted once again.

Assuming you are not sick, but housebound, what you are probably experiencing is boredom. We have forgotten, as a society, the skill required to survive mentally without distractions.

Most importantly, this too shall pass. When it does, hopefully we will be able to say that we learned something about ourselves as individuals, couples, families, etc. If not, we may be doomed to repeat the same mistakes that we cannot afford.

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