There’s something about an external disruption that can bring clarity of purpose, if you are looking for it. Over the last 6 months, many people I know personally have taken the opportunity of the pandemic to make major shifts in attention and intention, to refocus their lives toward new goals. Some people who were permanent renters decided to buy a condo. Another has completely shifted careers to follow a dream job, even though it pays less, because it makes her heart sing. Others have refocused on family, choosing to either leave their jobs entirely or to cut back on hours in order to help their kids learn to read.

The thing all these realignments have in common is that they are more about what these individuals need to feel true to themselves, authentic.

The future of this country, and the western world is going to be authentic, if we want it. Authenticity should be currency; it should be what we all seek and value. If nobody is to be trusted, there is no point in living. We must behave in an authentic manner, so that we can earn trust, so that society can continue.

You have to behave as if you are in charge and you are the one who should be trusted. If you are trustworthy, others may be as well, and we can move forward.

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