2020, Buh Bye

Nothing much to say that hasn’t been said. 2020 was rough. People much older than I am have all said this was the worst year of their lives. I’m certain they’re right. 2020 was the year that felt like a decade. And despite it technically being over, 2021 is upon us, it doesn’t actually feel “over.” We have much work to do to get to the point where it will feel like anything resembling “normal.” We won’t be going back in time, but I think we can, with some humility and recognition of the forces that act upon us, generally without our attention or intention, we will be able to remake the world, slowly but surely.

So here’s to the year that was devastating, overwhelming and relentless, as well as illuminating, clarifying and inspiring. We will be forever changed by the events of 2020 and that is the first thing that every human and other living being in the entire world will have in common going forward. If we can each hold that fact in our thoughts, we may keep them all in our hearts and minds as we move on into a new year.

Hold space and care for those who need it and keep sending blessings to all, as I will. May these words find you as well as possible and give you some hope and perspective.

Much love,


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