Things that Bring Me Joy

The truth is, this post is a total cop out. I have about 10 half-written gems just waiting to be completed but I just can’t concentrate or focus on any single idea this week so far. Hopefully, I will be able to clear some of my brain clutter and get back on track shortly. In the meantime, I have a short list of endorsements for you.

I don’t really plan on using this blog to shill for products of any kind, but there are a couple things that I am definitely not getting paid to report about, but I’m positively in love with anyway. Here goes.

1: Native Deodorant. My husband will vouch for this as a true fact, I have quite literally filled our bathroom cabinet with Native deodorant over the course of the pandemic. It actually started before that, but I really went bonkers this year. Native is a brand of natural deodorant with an amazing rotating palette of seasonal scents. Aromatherapy is a thing, people, and this company has it locked down. Of course I don’t NEED 16 different scents to choose from every day, but I do love having them. Sometimes when I need a pick-me-up, I just go into the bathroom and smell some of my deodorant sticks and my mood is transformed. Their natural formula actually works too, as a bonus, but I’m really in it for the smells. Current favorites: Rosé, Blood Orange and Clove, Apple and Honeysuckle, and Birch and Verbena. I’m sure I could get a referral bonus for y’all, but I definitely don’t need any reason to buy more so you can look for your own discount code.

2: Sleepgram Pillows. I didn’t expect to like these pillows so much, but I do. Basically, they’re adjustable, so that you can make them as tall and firm or soft and squishy as you like. They are also fully machine washable and dryable, which is great as well. After a night or two with the new pillows, dear hubby decided to remove an inner layer making his a bit less firm, but I have left mine alone. We have both been sleeping better which has been a gift. Full disclosure, we also bought the duvet from Sleepgram and it too is amazing and washable. Neither is cheap, but coupon codes are out there and good sleep is worth a lot, IMHO.

3: Brewing your own kombucha. OK, OK, I know this isn’t a product, but we have now been enjoying homemade kombucha for 4 months or so and I’m not sure I’ll ever buy any from the store again. Our setup is very small, as is our kitchen, so we’re only brewing one gallon at a time, but that seems to work out just perfectly since we’re not trying to sell it or anything. I got a well-established SCOBY from a neighbor via Nextdoor and got a basic recipe online. Where I’ve really had fun is with the flavors. We’ve had cherry-chocolate, pomegranate-jasmine green tea, Meyer lemon-thyme, Rosemary-Ginger and next, I’m making a Mango-Chili brew. If you are a kombucha lover, I highly recommend trying out home brewing. There are some great resources online for how to get started like

Again, I’m getting no money for these recommendations; these are straight from the heart. Enjoy, and I appreciate you for reading!

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