Balls in the Air

I wanted to make sure I got something published, just to make sure you all didn’t think I had dropped off the earth or anything. The truth is, there are a ton of things “in the works” right now and I’m not really at liberty to reveal any of them yet. I have been busy, more will be known soon, and apparently there is something going on with my astrology that is making for this environment that is empowering me to create and change and generally MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

In the meantime, hang tight, dear readers. Things are busy right now, and I’m seeking a new sort of balance. During the lockdown period, I had grown accustomed to the new slower-moving pace with relative ease and now that restrictions are lifting, my new challenge will be defining and holding boundaries that will continue to allow me to be as comfortable and creative as I have been over the last year. I expect there will be a lot more saying “no” to parties and other invitations that I would have said “yes” to in 2019. I REALLY don’t want to backslide on this.

I am hoping that my friends and family will understand that it’s not that I don’t want to see them all again. It’s just that I need space, time and quiet to continue on my journey, to continue making slow, deliberate, mindful progress, building something that I’m not sure what it is or what it will be. My vision is JUST BARELY coming into very soft focus now and I can see what is coming next. If I let my guard down or give into the desire to ramp back up to my old ways of socializing (including going to the office to work), I will not be able to maintain the same incremental progress.

So keep me in your thoughts and wish me good luck. I will reveal more when I am able. For now, you will just have to speculate.

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