The Biggest Leap

OK, I’ve written before about this being an aspiration and I feel the time has come… As of this weekend, I’m “coming out” again by attaching this blog, warts and all, to my LinkedIn profile. Do I expect this action to make an enormous splash? Of course not. I have some occasional interactions through that platform, but nothing anyone would consider earth-shattering. I’m no influencer, nor would I ever want to be. I’m just a relatively active, good-faith participant in the system of people talking and thinking about work stuff (and, let’s face it, political stuff).

What do I hope to gain from doing this? I’m honestly not sure. Will I get more readers of my blog? Possibly, but that is definitely not the goal. As I have written before, I never went into this venture of pandemic blogging with any goals, which is precisely WHY I consider what I’ve been doing a success. Had I tried to define what success would look like before I actually did it, it 100% NEVER would have happened. Some people, probably most people, work well with goals, but I absolutely do not.

So I never expected that anyone would read my writing, much less that I would have even a handful of consistent, active followers. To those of you who do read, I am humbled and honored that you would allow me to take up any time in your day with my random thoughts and shitty first drafts.

Attaching my name/LinkedIn account to this blog and vice versa is something I have considered for months now. I believe at this point, I have finally worked up the courage to expose my innermost thoughts, theories and vulnerabilities to my professional network. Given that most of my network feed now consists primarily of other #ActuallyAutistic professionals and those who support us, this feels less risky than perhaps it might have been a year or two ago.

The one thing I commit to in this endeavor is STAYING AUTHENTIC to myself. If at any point, I start to feel like my thoughts and writing are being overly shaped by my back-of-mind consideration for the potential future professional audience or the fact that my reach/context has shifted, I may decouple these two accounts in the future. If my psychological safety is at risk, I will pull back. My sole reason for having this blog is for me to work out my innermost ideas/feelings about myself, my autistic identity, my career/calling, the systems with which I engage, my ability to educate or inspire others and my interest to challenge others’ conventional wisdom about the topics on which I pontificate. If I feel any of these values are compromised, I will backtrack and keep the blog separate from my workplace persona. I acknowledge and recognize the risk, and I want to take the leap now anyway, before I chicken out!

Here’s hoping my professional network meets or exceeds my expectations. 🤞

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