Humble and Grateful

Last week while I was out of town on vacation, visiting my brother and his partner, I received a private message on LinkedIn from someone I had recently connected with. She was asking for my permission to quote something I wrote in THIS BLOG for an article she was writing. I am still amazed thinking about this… First, that I have been able to keep this blog going for over 18 months now and second, that I have written something that anyone would find valuable enough to want to share with others.

The woman reached out to me specifically to get my permission to use the quote and to approve the attribution constructed from my LinkedIn profile. After getting over my initial flush of imposter syndrome, I requested a few days to mull it over. I have never given much thought to how other people view, describe or think about my work, and yet here I have been given the opportunity to write my own description. In case this sort of thing ever happens again, I believe I have come up with an appropriate attribution that does justice to my “day job” as well as to my whole self and what I feel I’m growing into and building with this ongoing writing project.

I look forward to seeing the finished product, although I still don’t feel like any kind of authority. It’s odd because I do really believe in the thoughts and concepts I write about, but at the same time, I have never been given a reason to believe that other people would (or should) take me seriously because I don’t have an advanced degree in the topics I write about or anything of that nature. I would like to think I’m just a humble student of all the systems and interactions between systems that we humans live within. If that starts getting recognized as valid in and of itself, I may need to come up with a better title/ description.

In the meantime, I will stay humble, just sharing my thoughts as they come to me and deeply grateful for any and all audience members who feel I bring some value to their day. I appreciate you!

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