I haven’t been counting days or anything, but I’m pretty sure it has been nearly 5 months since it has really rained in my neck of the woods. Normally, we would have had SOME rain through the summer months, but this year was dry as a bone. I have felt the thirst of the ground beneath my feet when I walked every day for quite a while now.

Tonight, it rains. All night. I am not sad about it. The first rain of the season brings relief to the parched landscape. I will no longer have to worry about watering my new azaleas in the backyard. Well, not really because it’s gonna be 85°F again next week for 3 days. But I am praying for some normalcy to come back to our weather patterns. I know that is very much a long shot… there is no going back; only forward, into the abyss.

But if it is raining there, at least we won’t die of thirst. We may drown, but we will not die of thirst. 🌦🌧☔️

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