Focus Word for 2023

As the new year is now upon us and the days start to get noticeably longer (I walked the dogs until nearly 5pm this afternoon and twilight hung around until we arrived home), it is time to start moving around and seeing how the new year feels. Not unlike trying on a new favorite outfit, the kind you wanna live in, or building a relationship with a new-to-you car, it takes a little while to find out how to relate to this new time. And since you can’t go backward to 2022 (who would want that, though, really), it is important to take your time and be intentional. This year will be around for a while; it’s best to make your acquaintance slowly.

Of course I know people who are in year 4 of their 10 year plan for their 30s, who are on a mission to accomplish something grand and important. That is not me. I have never been a big “planner.” At this point, I’m barely able to keep track of what has to be done each day, much less stringing days together culminating in some overarching project, goal or tangible accomplishment. I know, I also know people who have all the plans, want to teach me to plan more than anything (so I can finally live up to my potential, perhaps) or would even do that whole planning thing FOR me. I just am not wired that way, and I don’t want to be.

I would rather accomplish serendipitous things by chance with random accomplices in various capacities, even if they are never seen or more widely acknowledged in public. I am ultimately motivated by helping others with some secret sauce that only I possess, not by the applause or attention that may or may not ever come.

I guess my point is, people plan all kinds of New Years stuff, make resolutions, kick things off on 1/1, yadda yadda. And here I am, on the evening of 1/4, musing about this year’s intention. And I think I got it.

For 2023, my concept/thought/word I’m going to engage with is (drum roll, please): ENOUGH.

  • What is ENOUGH?
  • Am I doing ENOUGH to help others?
  • Did I drink ENOUGH water today?
  • How much is ENOUGH joy?
  • Have I paid ENOUGH attention to my dogs today?
  • Have I done ENOUGH to show my husband how much I love him?
  • What about my family? Am I doing ENOUGH to support them?
  • How much work is ENOUGH work?
  • How much play is ENOUGH play? Is there such a thing?
  • Is there ENOUGH play?
  • What amount of income would be ENOUGH?
  • How many different bottles of hot sauce in my fridge are ENOUGH bottles of hot sauce?
  • Is the food I am cooking nutritious ENOUGH?
  • Am I eating ENOUGH fruits and vegetables?
  • Within my professional roles, am I contributing ENOUGH? Could I be doing more?
  • Am I effectively using my time so that I can be ENOUGH of myself in every context and situation I may find myself in?
  • Am I able to say when I have had ENOUGH by communicating my boundaries?
  • Do I have ENOUGH space? And what does taking up this space look and feel like?

Enough can be plenty or enough can be a limit to adhere to or even consider reducing. Certain things we consume are out of balance, for example, plastic packaging. Even if our recycling systems were intact and efficient, we still buy too many goods contained in plastic, so I’m gonna ask myself, “am I doing ENOUGH to reduce my plastic consumption?” in 2023.

ENOUGH, can also be an exclamation; “I’ve had ENOUGH and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” I expect to say this at least once or twice this year and I’m really looking forward to it. 😁

Who’s with me?

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