Random thoughts

Work has been so busy this week that I have almost forgotten about the pandemic and the racial unrest in our country. Except that I still had to get to the grocery store this week and was shopping for my parents and my sister-in-law, and that is not “normal.” Given the complexity of just getting to the store these days (Which store is requiring masks and limiting capacity? When can I go when I don’t need to wait in line for an hour? How do I make sure I get all the things on 3 different lists in 2 apps and not let all the frozen food thaw in my cart while I check? And DON’T FORGET MY MASK!!!), I remember how we are all living. My folks met me in the parking lot that was deemed safe because it was outdoors and I blessed them with most of what was on their list, plus beer (which you can’t get when ordering online). Then delivered treats to my sister-in-law, who resides at an assisted living facility near our home for the last few years. When I write it down, it doesn’t feel like I did anything special, yet I’m still overwhelmed. I’m tired. That’s when I remember our collective state of being.

The psychological recovery that will be required after this is all over will be immense. And we will still have to deal with all the people who will NEVER ADMIT that they aren’t fine and dandy with the whole thing. That they can just glide along as if nothing happened, even as they too lose loved ones. There will never be enough therapists to care for everyone and the enormity of the trauma we are currently enduring. If you think you are not affected, you may be a narcissist and then you have a number of other problems.

If anything good comes out of this worldwide pandemic, it should be that we all need to care for one another. It is unsustainable and unconscionable not to. We need to reward those who care for others in all ways as the heroes of our world and send the opposite of rewards to the narcissistic people who lie, claim to be doing what they are not and who attempt to profit off of human suffering.

Assume the best in people until they EXPLICITLY show you they are not worthy. Show grace to others. Work on enhancing your capacity to help and to love. Be honest. Give freely. WEAR A MASK! Make art. Find space in your life to build relationships, old and new. Love humanity.

To anyone who reads this who needs it, I love you wholeheartedly. Please pass it on. And thank you!

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