Searching for Inspiration

I have been a bit behind in my posting, dear readers. Since I started this blog in April, I’ve come close to posting at least once, sometimes twice, a week on Tuesdays and/or Fridays. This is more consistency than I’ve had with most things over the past several years. Now I know more than a week has passed and, while I continue to have thoughts that are worth sharing, I have been struggling to put together multiple coherent sentences into paragraphs to express them lately.

Last week was a crazy work week, then I remembered I had to file our taxes and now I’m preparing, mentally and in other ways, for a camping trip coming up next week. I think it is safe to say that you likely won’t hear from me again until sometime after the 1st of August. I’m hoping that the 4 nights out in the woods, near a lake, with my family and friends and my kayak will provide a much needed reset. An opportunity to relax a little. To deepen relationships in person rather than through a phone call, video conference or other electronic means of communication. In fact, it will be a bit of an electronic detox as phone signal is zilch for about 10 miles around the campsite. I’m very excited. I will also probably cry a lot.

So as I sign off for now, if you enjoy/appreciate my stories, observations and prescriptions, please think good thoughts about my return. Hopefully, I’ll get your good vibes and remember to come back and revive this still relatively new habit. Otherwise, this may end up in the scrap heap of my writings over the years.

Stay well, dear readers. And don’t forget to wear a mask to protect others. Narcissists suck.

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