What you do today is history tomorrow.

We tend to talk about moments in history like they were all exceptional, created by exceptional people at exceptional moments. But history is being made constantly, as we speak, by all of us. The only thing that is exceptional about history is how we choose to remember it.

You don’t even have to do anything especially profound to “make history.” You really just need to show up, make impressions on people and live your life in a way that expresses your values. If you do that every day, it’s likely that people will remember you and, when you are gone, someone will have been moved by your presence in their life enough to hold your memory in their personal history.

That’s the beauty of history. It almost doesn’t matter how small you believe your existence to be; you can still make history. You’re doing it right now.

So be a good human, be kind and gentle to those around you. One of them may write your name in their history book.

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