Vacation… Whew!

I’m not quite there yet, but as of Saturday morning, I will officially be going on vacation for a week. Dear husband and I are busting out of our tiny home and away from our computers and work for 7 whole days. We are heading to the Olympic Peninsula, one of my favorite places. I’m looking forward to cider/beer tasting, kayaking, hiking, “forest bathing” and general relaxation. We will have a jetted tub in our condo. ‘Nuff said.

I hope to get reinvigorated with regard to writing here over the course of the week, perhaps even build up a series of posts that might see me through the next few weeks. Work has just sapped all my energy and life force lately and I barely have enough time to eat or sleep at anything resembling “normal” hours. I’m exhausted.

On the bright side, I finally got my first covid vaccine dose this evening, so I am on my way to the “freedom” that people claim to be missing out on. Honestly, I haven’t felt less free over the last year. More that I’m just bored and tired. I’m really not sure how much my life will change once I’m fully vaccinated, but I guess I could at least have a couple people over to the house, or better, enter someone else’s house. Mine isn’t really fit to view.

Just in case anyone is actually here for the advice, please, as soon as you are able, get the covid vaccine! Do it not only for your safety, but also for the safety of others, including those who are not yet able to get it and for all the rest of us who really don’t want to keep going through this ordeal as other new variants evolve. There are so few risks or side-effects to any of the vaccines that they are barely worth mentioning. I HATE needles and I did it. You can too!


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