Life’s Too Short

Life’s too short not to make every attempt to make amends with people with whom you’ve had a falling out. From those you find challenging (or vice versa), the most important lessons come.

Life’s too short to spend any more than 40 hours per week working. You also have other important things to do with your time.

Life’s too short not to create. Even if you think you have no artistic abilities, start small, follow your interests and create something. Do it with passion and intention.

Life’s too short not to travel to someplace you’ve never been. Go humbly, with an open mind and an intention to learn about the place, the people and yourself.

Life’s too short not to tell the people in your life that you love them. It doesn’t always have to be with words, if the words are difficult to come by, but be of service, always.

Life’s too short not to challenge yourself. This could be a mental challenge, like taking the opposite side of an issue you feel strongly about and trying to see the other side. Or it could be a physical challenge to test your strength or stamina.

Life’s too short not to see the best in everyone you meet. If you spend your time thinking or feeling better than or sorry for others, you will miss out on the gifts they might offer you.

Life’s too short not to take care of someone or something, like a child or a pet. Being needed or relied upon is the best sort of obligation. Care with conviction.

Life’s too short not to find gratitude in every day. Even if you aren’t used to thinking about it, you will be happier with what you have if you take the time to say “thank you” for those things each evening. Consider writing them down in a journal.

Life’s too short to hold grudges. You may be angry at someone for something that wasn’t 100% their fault. Circumstances change and people do too. You can always make amends.

Life’s too short not to have fun. A life that is full of as much frivolity is possible will be a happy one.

Life’s too short to beat yourself up. Even if you have done something terrible, tomorrow is the first chance to make up for whatever it was that happened today.

Life’s too short…

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