Shorts #2 – Theories of Change

Change is hard, but always doings things the same way means you haven’t learned a way to do it better.

Fear of change in your own life can not only diminish your quality of life over time, but also contribute to wider stagnation in your family, community and society.

Resistance to change is ultimately about our discomfort with accepting loss in our lives.

Change is inextricably linked with loss, but also with gains. When we focus only on the losses, all change starts to feel more painful, more traumatic and more fear-inducing.

If you are able to mentally reframe change as an opportunity for growth or a way to trade in some activities or habits that are no longer suited to your life, you will be able to overcome the fear of loss and will be better able to cope with changes that occur outside your sphere of influence.

In order to effectively move through a change in your life, it is important to consider the loss as well as the gain. Mourn the losses. Cherish the gains.

Every change is an opportunity. It is our attitude about change itself that determines whether you can seize the opportunity for personal growth or whether the change will be traumatizing.

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